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June 4 2010 - What, the tour is over?

How did that happen? O I remember. 21 gigs done and dusted and the Conchords are now off doing other things, someplace else on the planet for a bit. Or longer.

But still you can relive and keep many many moments of this tour thanks to the magic of You Tube, downloading and erm other technical stuff. Its what the rest of the planet has been doing for years.

Hope those who saw the guys perform had a blast. And hope the guys did also. And Nigel. And Arj. And Eugene. And Kristen.

I'm going to put up the Gone Fishing sign and turn on some interesting interlude music and go sit out in the garden and enjoy a glass of something.



May 19 2010 - They did something not tour related!

Email arrived today from the BBC online comedy department. Relaunching their comedy website and were lucky enough to bag the Conchords to help launch it. Ella over at the Beeb said "the clips that they made for us are the only interviews they've done on their short visit to the UK so we've been very honoured and hope it would be nice for the fans to be able to see it."

What clip? Why this one... (if it doesn't work for you its also on YouTube to view)


Lucky old BBC getting the only interview with the guys so far. And its not even an interview. Its a promo. Does this make them unlucky then? Or us because we don't get any interviews. But then we get clip goodness and its amusing.

And this link here is to the BBC comedy website that Bret and Jemaine were just telling you about.

May 16 2010 - Glasgow already! Some spoiler pics ahoy. You've been warned.

Flight of The Conchords. Just two guys with guitars. On tour. With another guy called Nigel who is an entire orchestra. And a sound guy called Matt.

We are into double digits for the number of gigs the guys have played so far this tour. They've had to bus it from The Netherlands to Ireland for their first Dublin gig thanks to some volcano somewhere closing down Irish airspace. And now they are up Scotland way and then head down to London for their first Apollo gig tomorrow.

What I'm reading about the tour so far is good. Reviews, write ups, all seem really positive. Makes for a happy webmisstress thats for sure. Fan feedback has been great and our forums have seen lots of pics, clips, tweets, meet and greet stories and loads more posted to them. We've a dedicated tour section on the forum which you can read HERE. A thread for each gig, a poster thread, lusting/swooning threads for both guys and the masses of pics you ladies are able to take of them and their erm, body parts. Nothing is missed, you've got close ups of everything it would seem. Everything!

Pics to imprint on your retinas for a while. Of course click the pics for the full size versions if you dare ;)

Bret McKenzie - Flight of The Conchords, Amsterdam May 3 nJemaine Clement - Flight of The Conchords, Amsterdam May 3

Thanks to Ms nonch and her mad camering skills and total devotion (obsession) with Bret ;) We were lacking in Bret pics as Jemaine seems to get so much of the ladies attention. Thankfully you and a few others are addressing the issue and putting the world to rights for the Bret fans out there.

You may have noticed there was one pic of each above. And I waffled on about there being more Bret pics. Where are they then? Right here :)

Not a hint of what was to follow.... all brooding and fully clothed to start. Then losing the jacket....

Bret McKenzie - Amsterdam, May 3 nBret McKenzie, Amsterdam May 3 2010

Then these! Or as Suzy likes to call them

Pants .... OFF!

Bret McKenzie, Amsterdam May 3 2010nnBret McKenzie, Amsterdam May 3 2010

Rocking out and so intense

Bret McKenzie, Amsterdam May 3 2010 nBret McKenzie, Amsterdam May 3 2010

May 4 2010 - Happy New Year. From the future. And past.

And so I'm back. From outer space. I just walked in to find the Conchords kicking off in Am-ster-dam. I should have updated the stupid site. I should have bombarded you with tweets. If I'd known for just one second they'd be doing this again!

I've been gone that long its nearly Christmas again. Nothing dramatic, just needed to take a break from all things website before it crushed what was left of my brain. Had a lovely trip to Australia somewhere in there and recharged the batteries.

So, the not so insignificant news of the Conchords doing a European tour is paramount. The tour has now expanded to take in a few more European dates and also some on the west coast of the US. Therefore I am affectionately calling this tour The Flight of The Conchords European & A Bit More Than That While We Are About It Tour.

They kicked off the tour in Amsterdam last night. Playing at the famous Melkweg (I have fond memories of many great gigs seen there) so I know anyone seeing them there last night was in for a treat of a show as its one of more intimate sized venues they are playing on this tour. An Evening With FoTC was the show. Due to no support act they played for an hour and 45 minutes and included some old favourites, a new song (or two?) and lots of refreshed banter.

Here are the two posters for the Amsterdam gigs. May 3 on left, May 4 on right. Click on image for full size and artist details.

Amsterdam May 3 2010 - Flight of The Conchords by Nate Duval clearAmsterdam May 4 Flight of The Conchords by Kevin Tong

Being the Conchords they could not get through the gig without a stuff up of some kind, the best of which seems to have been when Bret broke out the DG20. According to Twitter the exchange went something like this, should you wish to renact it

Bret: "I think I need some mandolin"

Jemaine: "I think you need the right key"

Sounds about right for the first night of the tour. And any other night.

Anyways, what else is there to tell you? I have a gallery of the rest of the tour posters designed for this tour. You can view them all HERE

I'll try to stop by with regular updates with news from the tour.

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