Behind the Scenes Pics - Pulp Comedy Rehersal

Jemaine's secret funky handbag fetish, a musical instrument or a playtime laptop?

'All by myself.... don't wanna be, all by myself... anymore'

Looks like a handbag but is a dinky kids toy instrument! Panic over.


NZ Comedy Gala 2003

What can I say? Cool beans! Woot! Laugh exclusive pictures!

Folk the World from 2003

Well errrr ummmm folk Melbourne anyway's... It has sort of a 'pimp meets Elvis in Vegas meets Cabaret and Liza' look going on. That or I need to go lock myself in a room for a few months...... And did I mention I like it. A lot. 'Cause I do.

Poster was designed by Nic Marshall. A demi god(dess) type person in the making. Will graduate to full god(dess)like status if I get my mits on the as yet to be created 'sexymothafolka' gig poster.... *looks hopeful*

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