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Please don't email me for gig info or booking the Conchords etc as a) I don't have time to reply to people individually regarding gig info and 2) I am not the guys agent so therefore cannot help with booking, iii) nor am I a message forwarding service ;)

I don't enjoy having to write emails telling people 'No' to their request or pleas. So please stop asking! Save my sanity.

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Splitter NZ

Splitter Magazine - Out of NZ and supporting NZ artists and comedians. We like that.

Loop NZ

Looking for recordings by other New Zealand talent? Try Loop

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Anyone using information, images, mp3's etc exclusive to What The Folk! a credit and/or link back to the source here would be much appreciated. We are all fans together. I'd like to think others using material taken from here will give credit to the source. Its not just my work on this site. Others have contributed also. So do the decent thing people. Thanks

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This site is maintained and updated by me whenever I climb down off my little cloud of insanity! Or whenever the guys do something I find out about! Copyright of materials used here are held by their respective owners No copyright infringement is intended. This is an unofficial fan FotC site.

Itty bitty reminder type thing - This is a humble fan site run by me. The guys don't run it. So, you official bods out there, stop emailing me with stuff for 'em. I'm not your message forwarding service (hanging those boots up), a spiritual medium or their mother. They can be contacted via agents and so on.




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