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21.12.04 - Best Artist Achievement 2004

Yup, that was the guys winning said award. Blurb reads

'NZ Comedy Awards - winners

The remarkable success of local comedians overseas was recognised at the New Zealand comedy awards held in Auckland at the weekend - as was the growing support of media for the local comedy industry.

The NZ Comedy Guild's major award for "Best Artist Achievement 2004" was shared by Wellington's Flight of the Conchords (Jemaine Clement and Brett MacKenzie) and Auckland's Benjamin Crellin.

The Conchords - nominees for a Perrier at the 2003 Edinburgh Fringe - have recently signed a deal with a major American television network.'

Read the rest of the article HERE Congrats Jemaine and Bret.

What, I can't just put in one gratuitous pic in anymore? Erm what about two then?

12.10.04 - Its official! NBC signed 'em

Yeah well, excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor. Not that I doubted the guys talent or anything, but to make a pilot up by NBC is pretty cool. As to what might come of it, we have to wait and see. Lots of acts/people get signed but as to what makes it onto TV there....

Anyway, congrats to the guys. Bonus points for sightings of Bret or Jemaine anywhere in the world. Remember people, chasing them down the street for an autograph is *not* cool. You need to be screaming also. At a very high decibel level. Unintelligibly. Unless you are a guy. And then you would probably not even recognise them.

8.10.04 - It was too good to last. Hibernation over

I have to crawl back out from under my rock (read Australia) I was hiding there for a few weeks. I'm sure no one noticed.

Anyway, seems I can't turn my back for five minutes (or a few weeks) and the guys are up to something. This time it seems they have signed a developement deal with NBC in the US. I also read online somewhere about a showcase in LA (the 'meanest girl on Earth' it seems is not a fan, yet will promote them anyway... o to sell your soul for work) but nothing more on that as yet.

25.8.04 - F o' The C... Gangsta folk

And here is the other F o' The C track you might have never known you were not waiting for. Personally I blame Steve. Bloody Steve!

Hiphopopotamus meets the Rhymenoceros MP3 Click to download and save.

19.8.04 - Business Time - MP3 goodness for you

People have been asking if this song was available anywhere. And it wasn't. But now it is. I got my mits on one live version of Business Time. The guys just about made it to the studio in time for a quick interview and performed a couple of songs. Bit of a rush job but I am sure Jemaine is used to it if his Business Time 2 minutes of 'heaven' is to be believed. I stayed up way past my bedtime to get this.. So go on, download it and have a listen and chortle.

Business Time MP3 Right click to download.

14.8.04 - NZ Entertainment Awards... guess who got a nom?

In the very last category listed! Best Theatrical/arts performance... The Conchords are there. Also the BlackSeeds (Bret plays keyboards) are up for Best Band and Jemaine (that's Jermaine with an 'r') is up for Best Comedian. Living in New Zealand and feel like voting (or just feel like having a peek) ... go HERE

4.8.04 - wtf!

And no I am not meaning what the folk... I'm getting over seeing the bad case of Helmet Head Jemaine seems to be suffering. I need to spend less time at the computer it seems. Why? Because I keep finding more sodding news on the Conchords. Seems the guys are going to be doing a ten night run at the Soho Theatre in London after they are done in Edinburgh. Also, a while back I mentioned about the guys recording a 6 part TV show over in Australia. You probably forgot already. Turns out that this show is partly a Granada effort and will possibly be shown in NZ and the UK also.

About that case of Helmet Head... I'm to kind a person not share... *grins*

3.8.04 - Is it Friday? If so it must be Mont...Liver... no New York!

The guys are living out of a suitcase/backpack at the moment. Forget jet lag, they don't seem to be in a timezone long enough for it to take effect. They played at that Canadian festival thingy wotsit recently (I forgot where it was already) and then stopped off after in New York to do a gig with their mate Demetri Martin. Were found on stage at Fez Under Time Cafe on July 30th. Martin was last years winner of the Perrier Award at the Fringe and is a bit of a fan of the Conchords. I guess the feeling is mutual. Cool to see them sharing the stage. They are both at the Ed Fringe again this year so who knows what might happen....

Rather nice methinks. Even if that sodding beanie gets in there. By Elizabeth Daggar Electrofork

11.07.04 - Arghfurgleblehpfftick! Win tickets to see F o The C! (and some other stuff)

Yes, I typed that without swearing or passing out in shock. I should win a prize....Tickets maybe...? Win tickets (if you are in Ireland that is) to see the guys! Don't know if its still open but give it a go. You never know. Entry details HERE Psst, if you need help with the answer then I can't help you. No one can.

A few other snippets. Glastonbury pic found online. Yes they were there. I am sure I will upload it eventually, but for now, check it out HERE. The guys had 30-35 minutes on the Cabaret stage it seems. Hope they enjoyed the experience that is Glastonbury.

The guys got blogged a bit. Read one over THERE Two words. Little Britain. Cool show!

24.6.04 - Edinburgh Fringe update type thingo

The Fringe site finally threw open its 2004 site. FoTC info is all there. Guys! Taking Tuesdays off? Unheard of. I guess a day off each week from adoring fans, swooning and adulation is much needed. That or you guys are simply old and past it and need a day off each week to recover from the mayhem that is the Fringe.

Anyhoo, the show is calling itself Flight of the Conchords: Lonely Knights and the blurb says 'Perrier couldabeens Flight of the Conchords are back with a new show. 'New Zealand's best comedy export since that sheep joke that Fitzy made up' New Zealand Newspaper.'

I'll be doing a dedicated Fringe page again this year. Folk The Fringe will have all the news, reviews, pics and reports I can throw together. You can check out last years stuff there at the moment although it will be archived soon. Reading back, I think the story I like best from last year was the one where the guys topped the hottie list. Forget good reviews and people seeing the show cause it was remotely funny and the guys a bit weighed down in the talent dep. Nah, the biggest reason to go see it was cause they topped the hottie league. Start swooning now and maybe just maybe we might read more along the lines of the 'orgasmic bone structure' comment. Read the story HERE Yeah I'm not swooning. And if I was I'd not be telling you lot about it. I just like to laugh! Do I sound at all convincing?

6.5.04 - This is what I get for daring to have a life!

Just think Yosemite Sam in a really bad mood and you might get a picture of me. Only I don't look like a cartoon character or have moustache. And I'm taller than him. And why am am caring if you lot think I look like a weirdo. So, while I won't bore you with my sob story, I will bore you with the news I missed posting. The Conchords were going to be appearing on TV in NZ as part of the Oddfellows Comedy Gala. However, (tries to look apologetic) I forgot to post the news beforehand. Actually my bad mood sound is more like Muttley from Dastardly and Muttley (that's *sound* not look people) Erm where was I? O yes... anyway, the show has been and gone on TV.

10.01.04 - New Year, new news.... pffft yeah right!

So, Christmas and New Year out the way I can post these snippets. Some of them are a bit old but somehow got missed when I was updating at the time. First up Scoop ran this article back in August 2003.

December 2003 saw the guys winning the Best Show title at the New Zealand Comedy Awards in Auckland. Congrats to the guys for winning two years running. Also won for best artist achievement. Read more on it HERE

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