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21.12.05 - A humble request about info about requests about info. Or *ooo that hurts my head*

Thought I should mention this. Again ;) Lots of people are emailing me wanting to know where they can a) get a CD of the guys material or MP3's b) get a DVD of a show or c) see them perform or tour.

All this information is contained on the site somewhere. In various places. Please take a few minutes to look around the various sections. Folk Out and Folk On are the best sections to start if its that kind of information you are after. It'll be quicker than emailing me and waiting for a reply, honest. I'm busy with life stuff at the moment, so be kind to me, and take a look round the site first. Its got a new look, new information, and more in depth coverage. All there at your fingertips.

And while I am here....if you are celebrating such things.... Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year

And to everyone, everywhere Peace and Happiness to you and yours

Thanks to everyone who has supported myself and What The Folk! this year.


01.12.05 - Conchords Tee shirt....

Yes the Conchords finally appear on a tee shirt. So its not quite 'real' and wearable, but hey its a start.

Thanks to Don Oskowski who has this cartoon strip over at Life On Pause for letting me share this with you. This is part 13, the first Conchords tee appearance. Part 14 is online now and it looks like our hero does not change his clothes daily. Lucky for us eh! Personally I am waiting for the Business Socks strip. Oo err did I just type that out loud?

27.11.05 - New look What The Folk! and radio show CD news

Happy Birthday to What The Folk! This little corner of the internet is three years old! No longer toddling. Anyhoo, by way of celebration, the new look I have been promising for the last two years is finally here. Many thanks to Nikky, the unsung heroine who designed the new look. A big big thank you lady! And thank you to my Bloke for all his help behind the scenes. Hope those visiting the site like the new style and added content.

So what's new then? Well, more comprehensive info on the Conchords and the guys. More MP3's and clips. A fan section has been added, and the forums have their own page. The archives have been condensed and there are lyrics and tabs sections in the Folk Out area. Links have been revamped and have their own section. And more images added. So just about everything gets something new. Have a look around and I hope you enjoy the changes. Any comments to make on the new look please post them on the site fourms HERE You'll need to register to post. Only takes a minute though.

And the guys took part in the Q & A a little while back. You might recall I posted about it back in October. Read more on it on the Conchords FAQ page Many thanks to Jemaine, Bret and Brian/Rhys for taking part. Its also to be found on the forums.

16.10.05 - Q & A here on WTF! with F o The C

Exclusive news! Cool beans and wootiness! I am finally able to share my plotting with you all. And yes, you read that correctly. Flight of The Conchords are going to brave a Q & A with their fans

Bret and Jemaine (thanks guys) have very kindly agreed to help me celebrate What The Folk's up and coming 3rd birthday (yes its been that long) and will answer some questions posed by fans here on What The Folk

13.10.05 - gets a mention and a clip of the guys for you

In the New Zealand Listener. OK, so I don't have the actual snippet to link to or a scan but I am told What The Folk made it onto one of those 'Websites We Love' lists. Cool beans. Now I have to start a reciprocal 'Political, cultural and literary life magazines we love' list! People who read, read this site also it seems. Thanks to Jemaine for the heads up on this snippet. Come on you slacker fans reading this down there :p Any one there finds the lil snippet, send it in. This week, last weeks, its one of those :)

I uploaded the clip of the Craig Ferguson TV show the guys were on recently. Bret's sweater gets another airing. Go download and don't say I never give you anything. Get the clip HERE Its been shrunk a bit, but still viewable, looks good when sized small :) Thanks to Probono for the clip. Goddess status now attained PB!And can I just say one word "You've shot it?" (I know its three, but hey, its my site and I'll mistype if I want to, just I have a thing atm for that gif and wanted to share it with the world)

9.10.05 - Can't get enough of them it seems

So much so, that even now people are madly downloading the tracks I have on the site. Lucky ofr you my bandwidth has been increased again!

Check out the guys official site for the odd (and I mean this as in 'occasional' not odd as in 'weird') news update. People loved the show so much all they can comment on is Bret's choice of woolly jumper. All I could think was how nice of him to try to blend with the background there.

The final part of the BBC radio showed has aired. Bloody brilliant. And as much as I loved listening to the guys, much kudos to Rhys Darby who played their manager Brian Nesbitt. The world needs to see more of Brian dammit. So I am sharing a pic. As its radio no one knows what he looks like. So I'll just give you a hint. Thats him on the left!

2.10.05 - Rolling Stone (and the WTF forum is back online)

The guys made a half page in the annual Hot List in Rolling Stone. Anyone who has not seen it, here it is for you.

Thanks to conchordgirl for sending it in. I pondered an attempt at a witty comment about the pose Bret is striking there. For some reason 'What would MacGyver do?' came into my head. Don't ask. Safer not to. Hope it was a soft landing anyhoo.

01.10.05 - Of Yoko and vegtable slices.... and half a Tenacious D

Wikipedia has a page on the Conchords now. I feel this is the opportune moment to introduce you to Uncyclopedia. Wikipedia it ain't. Leave your senses at the home page please. Read the blurb and start clicking 'Random' in the menu. Much more fun than reading Wiki IMHO.

Flight of The Conchords got a mention over at Fader. Apparently when they played the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles recently, Kyle Gass of Tenacious D was in the audience. Now I think about it, I see similarities between the two bands. I mean, both have two band members who sing and play instruments, are humourous, one lot slightly more attractive (once they lose the facial hair) and taller .... BTW, Tenacious D rock! Read more HERE

26.9.05 - Questions! Questions that need answering. Before I go slightly more insane than I am already

Firstly - America! Yes you lot. Alas I know of no plans for the guys to tour the US anytime soon. So far they have tended to play one off gigs, or a run of a few nights in New York and a couple of other places. Or the odd festival. Any tour news I shall be sure to put on the site. Watch this space... > <

Secondly - That synth guitar thing that Bret uses in She's So Hot...Boom! Its a Casio DG20

Guitarsynth pr0n! A MUST for the complete FoTC altar. Worship at the DG20!

Last but not least, the guys have their own site online finally. Its only taken a few years. Not long in Conchords world really :) Based on that, don't expect too much in the way of content right now. Its pretty much only one page, and the info on it is already out of date. Ooops. Jemaine tells me they will be adding more to it sometime in the future, so worth popping back there from time to time. And an official site is always good to have. And you might get the "Ee-yor ee-yor ee-yor" train of thought when you see the site. Jemaine, its a look is all I can say. As I said below on the page somewhere. we (I can mention no names here but she spotted it first let me assure you) were a bit worried about the donkey impersonation. Not *that* worried but thought it was worth mentioning. Its too good not to really.

22.9.05 - Fate really works! And whats more its free!

Meaning of life still eludes me but to offset that I discovered my sanity. Hiding under the sofa. And it turns out I don't wear glasses. All is vaguely normalish again in my universe.

Damien emailed in saying some really nice things about the site. *Sniff* He also mentioned part of his plans for the weekend. Introducing his friends to the folk that is Flight of The Conchords. Going to get that sofa sat on and watching a rerun of HBO I think. Nibbles also? Sounds good to me. Hopefully more people will laugh. So many of you have said you want to introduce your mates to the guys and their comedy. Get others listening. Now you can (again) .....


Due to the huge strain placed on my bandwidth this month, I had to temporarily take down the MP3's. But fate (or rather my hosting company) intervened. And increased my bandwidth... for free! So the mp3's are back. Some of the tracks are now more recent versions. Taken from the last few weeks. Business Time and Hiphopapotamus are the newer versions. Also there is a new version of Think About It not from the radio show. So no voiceover. Although I love the voiceover one as Rhys Darby just cracks me up. For that reason I left it on the site also. Along with the Tour of London.

Its all on the Sound page for you. Enjoy.

16.9.05 - Conan goodness - Business Time clip

This is available to download now. Many thanks to my old partner in crime Iris, over at FigwitLives. Download it here

Also there is an interview over on the HBO site with the guys. Might want to browse it. HBO Interview

Many thanks to all of you who emailed in. Its been great to know the guys show went over so well. If I have not replied to you, my apologies. Just so many emails to get my head round. If I have not replied, I hope, at least all your questions have been answered on the site somewhere. Somehow. If not then 42. *ping*

10.9.05 - You like me, you really like me!

For want of a quote there. People are caning the old bandwidth the last few days. That America place must be pretty big and have lots of people in it watching late night TV is all I can say. For that reason and please don't be mad, I have taken down the wmv clips on the Sound and Vision pages for a while. Otherwise all you good people who are right clicking and saving will crash the site :)



Now for the rest of the news.

Its a busy week for the guys. They played Bumbershoot and from what I hear sold out all four nights and kicked arse. Went onto New York and two gigs, with Demitri Martin opening for them. Can't ask for more really. Without being greedy. Gothamist, a site about New York said - Topping Gothamist's short list of things we can't get enough of are a nice cold Hoegarten, sample sales and the priceless humor of Flight of the Conchords. Though billed as a folk-parody duo, their songs have little to do with the typical issues addressed in folk music...unless you count their story of Albi, a racist dragon who cries jellybean tears and teaches us all a real life lesson. [MORE]

In reply, I say Hoegarten? Do they mean Hoegaarden? One of the best biers out there. Enjoyed many a Dutch summer supping on one of those with a slice of lemon squished in.... O yes, news...

I've been somewhat busy with the old eyes the last few days. Reading lots of emails that came in all of a sudden out of nowhere. I thought I would share some of the comments with you. Cause I am the caring sharing (only not the crumbly fudge) type.

"just watched the guys of HBO, laughing my ass off, and than ran upstairs to google them (that sounds odd, doesn't it?)"

"I was watching Conan O'Brian the other night and I saw the guys perform. I think there comedy is awsome. I laughed my ass off. This was the first time I've ever heard them but I hope to hear some more of there work.""Greetings from the bowels of the U.S.! (Really, it's Georgia but it looks about the same.) I have just been introduced to the glory and wonderment that is Flight of the Conchords"

"I wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that the guys killed at the Bumbershoot Music festival in Seattle. I saw them on Sunday and the place was packed to the gills. I heard that they filled the theater all four nights, and I'm not surprised; they were funny as ever. They can take some good-natured ribbing, too, as I found out when I inadvertently heckled them.""I just saw these guys (Flight of the Conchord) on HBO. They were as funny as Monty Python and as musical as Jethro Tull...but in their own way."

One final thing from me here "Ee-yor ee-yor ee-yor" Jemaine, we (I can mention no names here but she spotted it first let me assure you) are a bit worried about the donkey impersonation. More on that another time. All will be revealed in due course. And yay, Bret shaved. So said someone. Who is not me. Erm....

4.9.05 - Is your TV tuned in? Turned on? Plugged in even?

I ask, as this coming Thursday 8th September, the Conchords are appearing on Late Night with Conan O Brian on US TV. The NBC schedule page has the listing. Pretty decent. I wonder what middle America, late night viewing middle America, will make of two blokes with strange accents brandishing guitars and singing a bit while being a bit funny. Or a lot funny. And does the US know who Rolf Harris is? Cause what with there being two of them.... And Jen, don't panic,am working on a way for you to see the show :) Won't forget you down there in NZ.

2.9.05 - "Imagine Rolf Harris.... times two

Did you hear it? The sheep was a class act. O and those other guys also.

The Flight of The Conchords radio show finally aired part one last night on Radio 2. Have to say, I was chortling while listening but I have enjoyed it more today, giving it a second and third listening. The humour just grows on you. Like mould, only funny. And not mould. Well it does me. Rhys Darby deserves an honourable mention. Kudos to the man for the part of Brian Nesbitt, FoTC's manager. Genius part.

4.1.05 - You never know when you might be sat next to.... someone

A few emails dropped in recently. Firstly, someone sent in a snippet about someone who sat next to someone on a plane and that *someone* was apparently a 'comedy writer for NBC who was heading to NZ to script a pilot show for “The Flight Of the Conchords'. Still with me? Keep up people :> Anyhoo, the rest of the snippet goes like this - 'I was sitting next to a comedy writer for NBC who was heading to NZ to script a pilot show for “The Flight Of the Conchords”. NBC saw them at the Montreal Comedy Festival and signed them up. The concept for the show soundedgreat and we had a long conversation about NZ comedy, culture and how a Kiwi reacts to arriving in the US.

He had worked on Larry Shandling, NewsRadio (I loved that show), and recently a US adaptation of “The Office”. I told him it was one of my favorite shows and hoped he hadn’t wrecked it! I gave him a list of my favorite comics/shows and he hadn’t heard of many (Little Britain, League of Gentlemen, Black Books etc). When he checks those out will probably wonder what kind of psycho he was sitting beside!'This news is in a blog. Now, while I am not a fan of them (some bloggers hotlinking to mp3's a while back caused the rot to set in) occasionally they turn up something handy Conchords wise.

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