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The BBC Radio Series - Released May 1 2006 - Read the BBC press release

Its somewhat awkward trying to write a review when you first heard the subject matter over six months previously and have heard it many times since. Joys of the internet and the 'Listen Again' feature. Its also slightly difficult trying to be objective about the subject matter and the people behind it, creating it, when you happen to be a rather ardent admirer of their work and run a website dedicated to them to boot. So reviewing their BBC radio show, when having laughed lots and, for the most part throughly enjoyed it, well, it was never going to be an easy task. Throw in the fact I am first and foremost a humble fan, who when reading reviews finds herself boggling at the sheer wordiness of it all, and wishes she read the OED every day for breakfast, then this review might not be a review at all. In fact, its not. I've just decided. Its anything but a review. Lets call it my honest opinon about the Conchords radio show CD. With a few liitle detours for good measure.

My honest opinon about the Conchords radio show CD. With a few liitle detours for good measure.

Flight of The Conchords, Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement, a musical comedy duo. How to define them. Best not to. If I did, no doubt they would then conjur up an as yet untapped genre of music and song to parody. If they did not parody it, they may well come up with a simply sublime tune, with wonderful lyrics delivered in a style that is so sincere, so honest, so achingly funny, without ever being crass, I'd be left forever rewriting myself.

Flight of The Conchords. Those deliciously funny laid back guys who amble on stage, take seats side by side, strike up an instant rapport with the audience via their endearingly awkward introduction conversation, then cautiously begin to play their guitars and sing. Yeah, those guys!

And what of the radio show? It is a 6 part BBC production that aired last autumn on BBC Radio 2. Slightly different in places from what originally went out on air, so I had fun playing 'Spot (well listen to be exact) The Difference'. Six, thirty minute shows that introduced the listening audience to the Conchords and their manager Brian Nesbitt. Having arrived in the UK from New Zealand, they try their hand making it on the cutthroat novelty music scene. The Conchords are faced with the trials and tribulations of bandlife on the novelty music scene. With Brian to guide them, Bret's naiveté to land them in trouble and Jemaine's ability to utter an impossible sigh in an impossible situation, the Conchords take on the UK in their own small way.

For the WTF! forums I wrote a breakdown of the show, week by week and I have compiled it into one post for people to read should they wish. Its a bit of a meander into Conchordness and takes some detours along the way. Much like the Conchords. Hopefully you'll enjoy it. Read it here

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