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What The Folk! is but a humble fan site. In the vastness of internet space time wotsit I have been following the Conchords since 2002. I write and maintain What The Folk! and presently it takes up hours of my free time, which I am of course happy to give. It matters a great deal to me to do the best I can here for the Conchords, their fans and myself. I have some tech help from my Bloke, but other than that its just little ole moi.

It is funded out of my own pocket. However, in recent times the demand on the site has grown immensely again. Bandwidth has been increased, as has the site itself, to cope with the renewed demand. I hope What The Folk! provides you with entertaining, informative and comprehensive coverage on the Conchords and all things relative. A fair few people have expressed an interest in being able to donate toward the running costs of the site. To this end PayPal Donate has been set up.

What The Folk! has much to offer people wanting information on the Conchords. A lively forum, MP3's, video clips, articles, images, a fan section, regular newsletter and much more. In the future we hope to offer more competitions and WTF! goodies and some other stuff we have yet to think up!

Donation FAQ

Where do donations go?

Toward the running costs of What The Folk! We have expanded with site improvments, a newsletter and all being well, some WTF! tee's and other goodies in the summer. The site will be revamped sometime in the summer of 2007 and more improvements to content and useability will be included.

Why not have adverts on the site?

Simple answer is, I don't want them. Its not the path I wish to go down here. I'd like to keep What The Folk! advert free. Donations are an alternative and allow people who wish to contribute to do so. If people like what they see, visit often and enjoy it here, they might like to help keep it running. Its one small way to help.

How much should I donate?

As little or as much as you would like. All donations are welcome. No one has to donate. Its down to the individual as to what they donate (or not).


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