Halloween does the Conchords

A fair few people donned Conchords related costumes for Halloween this year. And what better way to share with all of you, than with us on What The Folk!

I'm loving how people managed to find Bret like sweaters in their clothing collections! Who knew you were such fashionable people :p

Click images to view full size pics.

Adam and friends - Adam says ' Just thought I should share this with you. Me and my two friends decided to recreate some concord magic for halloween this year.'

Kudos to Adam and his friends for really pulling off the look. A Jemaine style jacket, a Bret sweater that even Bret would be jealous of and wahay, they found Murray armed with notebook! Classic :)

Halloween Conchords

Eve & Rick - Rick says ' We did win first place in a Halloween costume contest. The prize was an inflatable, green hand, with the index finger extended. Victory is indeed sweet. Our costumes got a lot of positive reactions out of people, as we walked down the street, cars would honk, people would giggle and say hello. Eve even had to correct a man who called her the "tin man". but he was happy to say hello to a robot from the year 2000. I enjoyed saying "affirmative"

Congrats on the first prize! Great costumes.

Halloween Conchords clearHalloween Conchords

Oliver, Nate and Bowie - Oliver (as Jemaine), Nate (as Bret) and Bowie stopping by. Oilver says ' Here are a couple of pictures of my cousin Nate and I doing our best Bret (Nate) and Jemaine (Oliver). Notice Bret's Casio DG-20...set to electric mandolin of course, and his eyepatch worn at Bowie's request. Jemaine also made a few calls on the camera phone that was given to him by Bret. Bowie stopped by to give Bret and Jemaine a couple of pointers.

Yet another Bret sweater! And loving the camera phone. I wonder if they'll catch on soon...

Halloween Conchords clearHalloween Conchords

clearHalloween Conchords clearHalloween Conchords

Andrew and Richard (not sure who is who) say ' My name is Andrew from Maryland in the USA. Sorry dont know if you are in the states too. Anyway me and my friend Richard, being such HUGE fans of the Chonchords decided to pay a tribute to them in form of halloween costumes. Here is the pictures from the night!'

Got the jackets going on. And ickle guitars!

Halloween Conchords clear clearHalloween Conchords

Akira - While not technically a Halloween party the theme was to dress as a character from the past or the future. So go Robot!

Halloween Conchords clear

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