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As Jemaine is a busy guy, I thought it a good idea to update in more detail on his projects outside of Flight of The Conchords.

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Claymation shorts - The Pen series by Guy Capper and Jemaine Clement

The Pen - By Jemaine Clement and Guy Capper 'Baa baa baa baa bloody baa' 'Baaaaa ba?'

Yes, you may well ask! A sheep with perfect teeth? Such a pearly set of nashers. How is this possible and what on earth does this picture have to do with the Conchords? Does the fact its a project Jemaine has been working on help?

The Pen short film series was developed by Guy Capper and Jemaine Clement using stop-motion claymation techniques. That explains it then eh. Shown at New Zealand film festivals in early 2007 and now some are available to view online thanks to Guy and Jemaine. It follows the adventures of Sheepy and Robert. The series was produced with support from the Screen Innovation Production Fund.

The Pen series provides a 'glimpse of rural life through the eyes of two very blokey, very kiwi sheep. Their conversational meanderings provide a NZ-centric comment on such universal themes as male sexuality, life and death and employment conditions. These four short films - Life After Death, The Pen, Getting Shorn and the World Premiere of How to Baa - are a celebration of the iconic kiwi bloke. It's not fashionable or politically correct, but these films celebrate the good things about owning a Swandri, a slab of beer, and your own set of clippers.' (Taken from here )

Episode list

The Pen (2m 11s) View The Pen here
Sean (1m 57s, NZ) (aka as Getting Shorn) View Sean here
Life After Death (3m 11s) - Sheepy reflects on the possibilities of life after death but Robert is more interested in the peanuts.
How To Baa - (2m 45s) - Sheepy and Robert practice and compare their baaaa techniques.

As this is a collaboration, I'm including a few links on Guy Capper. Don't want to be forgetting him now ;)

Interviews with the Universe - Scoop has the lowdown on Guy's most recent show performed early this year in New Zealand before he headed off overseas.

Love On The Farm - Short film written, directed and acted by Guy Capper. A certain Tim Capper shares the production credits. Time who had a hand in the stop motion segments in Eagle vs Shark.

Guy Capper talking about Interviews with the Universe and other things. (7 MB) Interview from Access Radio NZ.

January 2007 - Eagle vs Shark - A film by Taika Waititi.

Feature film from director Taika Waititi, starring Jemaine Clement and Loren Horsley. Set for a limited US cinema release on June 1 2007.

January 2007 update - Latest Sundance Film Festival news, screening times, film poster and official Eagle vs Shark site news - GO HERE Also includes all past news and articles regarding the making of the film.

Eagle vs Shark poster Eagle vs Shark film poster

Jemaine Links

IMDb listing for Eagle v Shark - You guessed it, the IMDb listing for Eagle v Shark

Tongan Ninja - Tongan ninja stylee your thing? A film’s been made with you in mind. Funny that. A work of genius, good, bad or downright crap? Review over at IMDb!

Saint Clements – Jemaine's first fan site can be found here.

Humourbeasts - With Taika Cohen who is the director and writer of Two Cars, One Night and other projects

Futile Attraction - aka as Make Mark's Movie dot com - Jemaine Clement

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