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24.12.06 - Deck the halls and all the trimmings....

Its almost that time once again. Christmas is just a few hours away. Should you be celebrating the day....

Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year.

And to everyone, everywhere

Peace and Happiness to you and yours


2007 will be another busy year for Bret and Jemaine, with the upcoming HBO series and a possible new album and tour. Be sure to stop by in 2007 to find out all the lastest news and goings on.

Just one last thing! Please please please (as some of you out there are guilty of this terrible wotsit to name spelling) learn to spell Jemaine and Bret - Mispellings won't cut it anymore people! Its not Jermaine, Germaine or 'the cute one with the glasses' nor Brett, Brit or 'the cute one with sideburns'

Jemaine Clement <--- Jemaine (or 'cute one with the glasses')

Bret (or 'cute one with sideburns') ---> Bret McKenzie

Yes indeed, some out there refer to the guys as 'cute'. If you are a self respecting adult (even one who acts like they are a big kid on occasion) cute simply does not cut it. They are good looking, hot, sexy if you must. But never cute. Cute is a fluffy bunny rabbit or dog.... O wait... Crudlet :/

Flight of The Conchords Cute or sexy? *confused* *panics*

And finally, to round out the year and to let rip with my mini Oscar moment!

Thank you to all those who have visited and supported WTF! over the past year. Its been a wonderful experience with lots of laughs along the way. Big thanks to Jemaine and Bret for their time, insider info, postal skills and keeping me in the loop. To all who contributed to WTF! this year - pictures, reviews, artwork, it has been wonderful to see peoples Conchords creativity. I called the fan page Fantastic of course! Its looking good. Thanks.

I'll be back in 2007 keeping you up to date with all the latest news and goings on in the Conchords world.


05.12.06 - Jemaine news, FoTC not new news but news anyway and a new news article

Yeah, *I* know what I'm talking about :p I've been a little busy with real life goings on, so have delayed updating until I had more to write about. Latest snippets for you

Jemaine news - Eagle vs Shark, a film by Taika Waititi and starring Jemaine Clement gets it premiere at Sundance this year. TVNZ says -

Taika Waititi's debut feature film Eagle Vs Shark was shot around Porirua last year and will premiere in the World Cinema Dramatic Competition section of the festival. Read the rest here

It will also have a limited release in the US on June 01, 2007. Read more about this film on WTF!

Conchords not new news but news anyway - You may have noticed its been very quiet on the Conchords front. But rest assured, the guys are working hard on the HBO show.

New news article - The Conchords will be gracing the pages of the NZ Listener in the not too distant future. I'll be sure to keep you posted when the edition carrying the article appears on newstands.

10.11.06 - Tenacious D rock! Not as good looking as the Conchords though!

*Ahem* The D were interviewed about their new film, Pick of Destiny by the Guardian. They were asked some tough questions, 7 steps to rock-movie success no less. Here is one that might be of interest to Conchords fans!

6. Choose a nemesis

Black: Right now, I would say our arch-rival is Borat because he's too fuckin' funny and his movie's coming out the same time as ours. That is a source of much fear and dread.

Gass: I saw those new whippersnappers from New Zealand, The Flight of the Conchords. ( he really did - read about it here )

Black: They're basically a folk version of the D. And I hear they're way better-looking than us. Which isn't saying much. But still.

There you have it. Official. Even the D know of the Conchords. I don't think the D have anything to worry about. Much ;)

05.11.06 - Bits and pieces

The recent Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre fundraiser took place without the Conchords. Alas. The NZ Herald said it was due to a 'last minute cancellation due to touring commitments in America'.

Now before people in America get overly excited, I'd not read too much into this. The last I heard the guys were working on their HBO series over the coming months. But who knows you might find the odd gig thrown in for good measure but a tour is a little ways off yet.

Ummm.... a few people have complained about the cost of the Conchords Folk The World CD. $26.99 is too much they say. Now yes, I admit $26.99 does seem rather hefty for a mere CD, but perhaps when you read it as NZ dollars it won't seem quite so bad ;)

Anyone a Conchords fan and a Live Journal user? There is a LiveJournal Flight of The Conchords community for you run by the lovely cynna66.

31.10.06 - Conchords appearing at charity event plus Bret in a book (sort of)

Flight of The Conchords will be appearing this Thursday at the third annual Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre fundraiser at Auckland's Town Hall. Read more HERE

Next, Gareth Shute has written a new book, Insight and Inspiration: NZ Artists Talk About Creativity and is out November 10. Now what does this have to do with the Conchords you might ask. Well, nothing. But it does feature one half of the band (or duo, you decide) Bret McKenzie amongst its subjects. A recent article in sunday said

"This book was an odd one for publishers to grasp. It was quite nefarious. Then these themes came through about people being able to make something out of whatever came to hand and being able to do more than one thing because they can't afford anyone to make stuff for them."

Shute cites Bret McKenzie, of Flight of the Conchords, who is one of the 52 subjects. An extract reads: "In New Zealand you have to do more than one thing to create enough money to live, so you end up juggling these different projects - I do comedy, theatre and music as well as a bit of TV to make a living. Sometimes you do lose a bit of focus by not committing to one thing, but at the same time it makes you very multi-talented and multi-skilled... Nobody does that overseas. Most of the people we work with over there solely do comedy and they struggle to understand why I would want play in a band and do theatre as well."

Updated the Fantastic page with a painted picture of Jemaine by DayDreamer.

28.10.06 - No news really but just wanted to chime in

I was lucky and my pleas paid off and I was able to see the FoTC documentary (oddly I just typed 'codumentary' out here while staring at the TV over my shoulder). Anyways, thanks spideronfire and Linda. My lifelong adoration is lifelong and adoring.

And what were my thoughts on said docu? I don't have any specific ones, more just a ramble. It was the guys having fun, acting 'in character' in many places for the benefit of the camera and the audience.

I loved seeing Deirdre from the WTF! forum, was wonderful to see her meeting the guys and seeing the smile on D's face. And the lip moment was great. Bret and Jemaine's reactions were priceless. And thanks for the name check.

I think my Bloke and I enjoyed the deadpan dry wit side of it most. Something Bret, but especially Jemaine, do so well. And we were much amused at Bret with the hint of a smile on his face during the band interview (they interviewed each other) when Jemaine was talking about the word 'gubernatorial' and Bret said he already knew of it. And then sunk his almost about to smile mug into his ever attached coffecup and hid behind it. Priceless.

And when I saw fans at a small gig at SXSW, lined up in their teeshirts with Conchords pics on the front I spotted one that came from here! Remember this picture? Yeah, you know who you are! Getting it printed on a tee.

Flight of The Conchords artwork (See end of post for info on downloading this image for your desktop)

I think it bodes well for the upcoming HBO series. That being themselves, though actually really more 'in character' works, doing what they did here in the documentary, only more so. Or something. The guys were low key as ever and able to poke fun at things in their own way and it worked.

I am sure I'll have more thoughts later. But then maybe not. The more I think about it, the less it seems to need writing about. Its TV, cool TV admittedly, but TV all the same ;) Its not rocket science. I don't want to analyse it too much. Its good to have and I'll enjoy watching it again at some point. Yeah, twas cool.

(If you like the 'Intense' picture, pick a linkand right click and save if you are a Windows user. Or whatever else you do on your compy! Cheers once again Adam) Flight of The Conchords Intense 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600 or even 1600 x 1200 )

19.10.06 - People liked it! The documentary that is

Our very own Pineapple from the WTF! forum watched the documentary the other night. And was so moved she wrote a lil review type piece about it. Read it over on the Fan Reviews page. Thanks Pineapple for sending it in.

The Flight of The Conchords documentary aired a lil while ago in NZ on TV3. And soon afterwards there was a flurry of internet activity via GoogleNZ which then sent a flurry of activity to here! And the forums. All of a sudden there was an influx of 'Guests' and some new people signed up to the forums and posted saying they had just seen the show. Welcome aboard.

My email inbox also had a few arriving within 15 minutes of the show ending. Its great my friends are with me in this Conchords thing :D They emailed me to say the show was cool, funny, lighthearted and deadpan (among other things) and hopefully I'll be getting a copy soon (crosses fingers). I am told we (What The Folk!) got a mention. Cool beans.

Flight of The Conchords Heh, gratuitous pics ahoy

TV3 website wrote this blurb about the docu (prior to airing in its TV guide)

A Texan Odyssey - Thursday Oct 19, 9:30pm

The TV3 documentary Flight of the Conchords: A Texan Odyssey is a rare and exciting chance for New Zealand viewers to see our most successful comedy duo do their thing on the world stage, screening Thursday, October 19 at 9:30pm.

In March 2006, Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement aka Flight of the Conchords embarked on a revealing and hilarious odyssey into the political and musical heart of the United States of America. The result is a very amusing comedy documentary jam-packed with the Conchords’ classic hit songs. Read the rest of the article here

18.10.06 - Sodding computers >:< Anyways, Salient blurb to read

The First Annual Salient Awards, For Questionable Contributions to Humanity

By Salient | October 16, 2006 - Flight of the Conchords

There are some questions that are so pertinent they poke you in the face. Seriously. “Why can’t a heterosexual guy tell a heterosexual guy that his booty is fly?” must be one of them. Oh, the lyrical genius that is the Flight of the Conchords. Until recently most famous for being New Zealand’s fourth most popular digi-folk parodists, FOTC (as they will be referred to from now on. Not to be confused with LOTR, which coincidentally one Conchord, Brett McKenzie, had a brief but memorable role in as Figwit. Which is actually also an acronym for Frodo is gorgeous… who is that?! As all capewearing Aragorn-quoting geeks will know. I’m not one of them. No, seriously…) have reached all new levels of celebritydom since HBO comissioned them to create a 12 part series called, funnily enough, Flight of The Conchords. Love that American subtlety.

They’ve actually been around for quite some time, entertaining kiwis with such comic gems as ‘Albi the Racist Dragon’ and ‘Think About it (Think, think about it)’, not that anyone who missed their live shows would know, considering how they’ve been systematically ignored by those guardians of our cultural heritage i.e TVNZ. As FOTC explained, “We don’t blame TVNZ for turning down our idea. In all honesty, it didn’t fit with their high quality, intriguing television programming such as Top of the Class.” Not to mention Dancing with the Stars.

Also known as the Hiphopopotamus and The Rhymenocerouz, these guys rock my fucking world. I would gladly be a playmate to their Hefner(s), and perform all sorts of degrading acts in order to gaze and listen. And not just because they have such wonderful views of female beauty, exemplified in ‘The Most Beautiful Girl In The Room’: “You’re so beautiful/ You could be a part-time model/ You’re like one of those girls I’ve been chatting to in the chatrooms/ Mmm/ Slut angel 22 @ yahoo.” Like I said, genius.

Who else could pull off pretending to be a girl who mistakes a man sitting in a park for a man that she once had a picnic with then adopted a child with who then realises she’s got the wrong guy? Only Brett. And only Jemaine Clement (of Untold Tales of Maui fame) could sing “No doubt about it/ We’d be getting crazy/ If one of us was lucky enough to be born a lady” and still be hot. Wonderfully hot. Hot like a curry. Mmmhmm yeah, it’s Business Time.

Tiana Mead

17.10.06 - So this is what all the fuss is about

Interesting article......

The TV3 documentary Flight of the Conchords: A Texan Odyssey is a rare and exciting chance for New Zealand viewers to see our most successful comedy duo do their thing on the world stage.

In March 2006, Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement aka Flight of the Conchords embarked on a revealing and hilarious odyssey into the political and musical heart of the United States of America. The result is a very amusing comedy documentary jam-packed with the Conchords’ classic hit songs.

With a Gibson Group documentary crew in tow, they travelled from Wellington, New Zealand to Austin, Texas to launch their folk parody act upon one of the toughest music industry events in the world: the South By SouthWest music showcase.

Read the rest here -- Taken from Gibson Group

Happy blokes eh ;)

15.10.06 - Conchords article in the NZ Sunday Herald today.

The Conchords have landed - Sunday October 15, 2006 - By Scott Kara

Flight of The Conchords

There's a woman in America with a photo of Jemaine Clement's lips in her wallet. The picture of Clement, who with Bret McKenzie are the musical comedy duo Flight of the Conchords, shares pride of place alongside snapshots of her two daughters.

While the Conchords are not hugely popular in the United States, they do attract a few hardcore fans like her. And now they are making a 12-part show for American network HBO their popularity is set to soar. More on that TV series later. Read the rest of the Conchords article here

07.10.06 - Just call me your TV guide NZ!

Flight of The Conchords Flight Of The Conchords - A Texan Odyssey

Thursday 19 Oct 21:30 on TV3 - Duration: 60 - Genre: Documentary

DESCRIPTION: The TV3 documentary Flight of the Conchords: A Texan Odyssey is a rare and exciting chance for New Zealand viewers to see our most successful comedy duo do their thing on the world stage. In March 2006, Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement aka Flight of the Conchords embarked on a revealing and hilarious odyssey into the political and musical heart of the United States of America. The result is a very amusing comedy documentary jam-packed with the Conchords' classic hit songs.

06.10.06 - Conchords interviews abound! NZ and Australia get lucky.

They get around huh ;) First up, Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement were interviewed on 702 ABC radio over in Sydney, Australia today. Listen to the interview on the WTF! music player, top of the playlist or download the interview here. They sound like they were enjoying themselves and as is their way they tend to downplay things. But *shock horror* women seem to really want to kiss them now. Joys of fandom and being hot hotnesses (allegedly) or something I guess. I really can't do that sort of thing and keep a straight face, especially on this site. For some reason I fall off my chair laughing about it all and its getting painful. I recall when they made the top 5 Ed Fringe festival hunks back in 2003 and the merriment this caused me. I said of it ' Their hot hotnesses are out hotting each other in the hotness stakes of hottiness in the hottie filled city that is (for now at least still) known as Edinburgh. Apparently.' You can read the Top 5 snippet here. So ladies, cease with the madness and save my floor from having to keep catching me! Bret and Jemaine five words for you guys! Stop being so damned hot! *falls off chair again* Right where was I? O yes...

Pineapple, a WTF! forum member copied up a NZ TV guide interview with one half of the Conchords. Cheers for sending this one in Pineapple.

High Flyers from NZ TV guide

Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement aka Flight of the Conchords are probably New Zealand's most successful comedy duo - and were virtually unheard of until American cable giant HBO announced it had commissioned them to make a 13-part comedy series. The one-off TV3 documentary Flight of the Conchords: A Texan Odyssey was made in March this year when the pair spent five days trying to break into the US music market at the Texas music festival South By Southwest. Bret talks about the experience.

TV Guide: Describe South By Southwest - Bret: Imagine the Masterton Golden Shears Awards but multiply it by 1000 and replace the shears with electric guitars. Incredible.

Were you given any good advice? We spoke to Canadian electro-sex-punk-goddess Peaches and she told us to be ourselves.

What secrets did you discover about how to rock it on stage in the unforgiving music market? The Americans apparently like things big and loud, so I wore my jersey with horizontal stripes creating an optical illusion of being wider, and Jemaine turned his guitar up.

Is life on the rock'n'roll road easier for a comedy act than a rock band? They say what goes on tour stays on tour but we had a TV crew following us around so what goes on tour ends up on TV.

What does it say about New Zealand that you had to go to the US to get your own show? It's difficult to get a TV show made in New Zealand.

How is becoming stars in the US going to change you? I will eat more donuts

29.09.06 - FoTC on NZ TV and HBO update - New Zealand and US news

The documentary, Flight of The Conchords: A Texan Odyssey will air on TV3 on Thursday October 19. Apparently. As yet, no time given. NZer's might be pleased to hear that after the documentary airs there, it may well be followed up sometime afterwards with the HBO One Night Stand show! It seems as interest in the guys is high back home, they may well relent and air it. Here is hoping eh :) I think its TV3 picking it up, but don't quote me on it ;)

Bret and Jemaine were on NZ TV yesterday, appearing on Campbell Live. The guys wrote of their appearance 'Before we get too many comments about Campbell Live we'd just like to point out that neither The Hiphopopotamus or The Rhymenocerouz claimed that we were 'ignored at home'. What the program is referring to is probably TVNZ turning down the show we wrote for them once. NZ audiences have always been excellent. We love you, and want to father your babies or mother them depending on your preference and family situation.'

We don't blame TVNZ for turning down our idea. In all honesty, it didn't fit with their high quality, intriguing television programming such as 'Top of The Class'.

Watch Campbell Live clip here

Bret and Jemaine were apparently interviewed recently by the New Zealand Listener. The Listener will be running a story on the Conchords sometime soon. I'll be sure to let you know the issue its in.

And do I hear tell of a new FoTC CD being recorded sometime soon also......?

26.09.06 Conchords on NZ TV3 soon!

TV3 have said they will be airing Flight of The Conchords: A Texan Odyssey sometime this October. Filmed when the guys were at SXSW in Austin, Texas in March this year. Bret and Jemaine had a Kiwi camera crew in tow round Austin and this documentary is the fruits of their labour. (Thanks Meli for the heads up)

In other news - Becks from the WTF! forum sent in this review on the short film What We Do In The Shadows. It played during the Wellington Film Festival back in July. Many thanks Becks for taking the time to type it up for us.

What We Do In The Shadows

I was really excited to see this film. Screened at the City Gallery on Thursday afternoon, it was preceeded by 'Sheep Man', a 'documentary' film about the final days of a sheep enthusiast who lives his last days on a sheep farm in rural New Zealand. Although he is allergic to the sheep he loves so dearly, he believes that they somewhat control the universe and his actions. One scene in which Sheep Man is sneezing uncontrollably, he suddenly stops, believing that it was the power of the sheep that held back that one last sneeze. It was a very entertaining, yet slightly odd film. Also, Flight of the Conchords were credited for doing the music for the movie.

What We Do In The Shadows was next on the schedule. It was another 'documentary' a film which explored the flatting lifestyle of three vampires. Starring Taika Waititi, Jemaine Clement and Jonathan Brugh, the film gives us an insight to the vampires (Vulvis, Viago and Deacon) daily routines, flatting conflicts as well as their late night excursions into Wellington city on Saturday nights.....

Read the rest of Beck's review here

25.09.06 - Conchords article from Dominion Post, NZ

Flight of The Conchords scan from the Dominion Post View full size scan here

This article ran today in the Dominion Post in Wellington New Zealand. Little snippets - the inclusion of Rhys Darby in the HBO show (fans of the BBC FoTC radio show will know of Rhys and the part he played as band manager, Brain Nesbitt is legend) and Jemaine talks a little of the 'cult following' the Conchords have developed in the US off the back of the HBO One Night Stand show. And some other stuff.

View full size scan from Dominion Post here Thanks to Linda for sending this in

Read it in text form here

20.09.06 - Bloody hellfire I am in the mood to write. O yee poor people!

So, the Comix gigs are over. New York (apart from some pissed hecklers during the gig) seems to love the guys. The guys played a graveyard shift gig, so people had consumed a little alcohol I am guessing. A few people wrote in to say they enjoyed the gigs and thought the guys show was cool. No new songs to note, although The Most Beautiful Girl In The Room was first performed earlier this year and will be unknown to most. As were a few of the other songs on the set list. The guys played some older material such as Mother*uckers (yes, thats the song and the * is intentional, there is no F!), Foux Du Fafa, Humans Are Dead and I’m Not Crying.

Thanks to Irina for the above pic from a Comix performance.

It appears Business Time is the Conchords 'Creep'. You know the one Radiohead/Thom Yorke no longer performs at gigs. Jemaine has apparently on occasion been a little reluctant to perform the song. People seem to like to request it however. In my humble opinion the guys have far funnier songs but I guess the American public only really know the guys material from the HBO show, the couple of TV spots and the few live gigs they have played there, so hardly surprising they are going to request the few songs they know. The next paragraph is highly recommended if you want to hear more Conchords material US of A :p Spare Jemaine the insanity!

People still email me about FoTC CD's and stuff (fwiw, its all here on the site to find). May I take the opportunity to suggest people invest in the Conchords Folk The World CD from 2002 and their BBC radio show CD to gain some more insight into the Conchords world and music.

Folk The World BBC Radio series

Next up, Eagle vs Shark. I posted about a review from a recent test screening of the film in the US, and am pleased that a few people spoke up on the film. And we have also been given another review from the test screening, which is on the side of 'I liked it' Read it all here

13.09.06 - HBO, Gothamist, Eagle v Shark, Black Seeds and other ramblings

Its been news for a couple of days already, even making the front page of the NZ press pages, that HBO have commissioned the Conchords for that long mooted TV series. The guys will make eleven episodes for the company. Apparently it will be partially improvised and will feature original songs from the guys. No idea as yet as to if there will be much new material in the series, or how much of the older material will be included. So, kind of like the radio show but on TV then? And set in the US not the UK? And fingers crossed that Rhys Darby, who played Brian Nesbitt in the radio show may be making an appearance in the series. Good on the guys. Thanks to half the planet for emailing me about this news.

Next up, the Gothamist ran an interview with the guys recently -

Flight of the Conchords (FOTC) are Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement. You may have seen them on their acclaimed HBO One Night Stand and you'll be seeing a lot more of them soon because HBO just picked up their series for twelve episodes. In this interview, FOTC discuss hologram pants, trying to wrangle up audience members at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and radio comedy.

Tell me about your HBO series.
Brett: It's about the two of us, Flight of the Conchords, living in New York and trying to make it as a band.

Who are some other people that will be involved in this?
Jemaine: The director is James Bobin, who directed Da Ali G Show. Me, Brett, and James wrote it.

Brett: Some American comedians are acting in it: Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schaal, and Arj Barker. There was a woman that was in the pilot as a cameo, Rachel Blanchard, who was also in Snakes on a Plane.

Read the rest here

Eagle vs Shark news - ElmoOxygen attended a test screening of Jemaine's latest film, Eagle vs Shark and shared his thoughts with the WTF! forum. Now, I'm not one to only give the positives and gloss over the negatives where the guys are concerned, so I'm going to point people to ElmoOxygen's review (2nd post down the page). I've posted thoughts on the review further down the page and my good friend /me just pointed out that "tastes are subjective. Lots of people did like Napoleon Dynamite". Me, I've never seen it so am stuck for a comment. I'm curious and would like to know more. But not about Napoleon Dynamite. If you are wondering why I keep mentioning Napoleon Dynamite you need to read the review!

Bret's latest outing with the The Black Seeds is doing well. Topping the album chart in New Zealand for a number of weeks. Want to know more about it? Go here

14.08.06 - Snippets and then I'm off again for a bit!

Flight of The Conchords BBC radio show is now available for download on iTunes. So, those of you who have been too lazy to buy the CD or those who prefer to download their music, you can go get it. I am told its $17.95 US. I also found it for £11.95 in the UK. I don't use an MP3 player due to not liking headphones in/over my ears. Yet another uselfess triva fact about myself for no one in particular.

Conchords fans might like to know they have bought so many copies of the BBC radio show CD that it now tops the HMV audiobooks bestseller list in the Comedy section. Its also selling well elsewhere online. Good on the guys!

Next, Toni sent in a pic for the I'm With The Band page. She saw the guys at Largo recently and thought the night was 'just awesome. I don't think I've ever laughed that hard.'

And Bret being the handy artist he is drew a self portrait of himself and threw in Jemaine also. Amazing likeness methinks!

Next up, Allan sent in a review of a recent Largo gig -

'Thank god the Conchords added a second show at the Largo. I couldn't attend the one on the 21st, so I was excited and relieved when I found out about the second gig. As you have heard from others, the guys were really cool about taking time to chat with their fans and provide autographs after the show. They didn't hesitate when I asked them to sign all three CDs of my BBC set. The funniest thing was when I handed Jemaine my BBC set, he looked excited, telling me that he hadn't seen one before. He quickly turned to Bret, telling him to check out the CDs. He said that his friend designed the cover/CD design, so he had seen the artwork, but hadn't gotten copies of his own'

Read the rest over on the Fan reviews page. Thanks Allan.

Righto, I'm getting back to important stuff and not doing very much at all. Its summer and I am kicking back and letting the dust settle on this old keyboard for a while longer. Laters!

19.07.06 - Its too hot to type dammit!

So I am making this quick and then getting back to lounging about in the shade reading Jeremy Clarkson's rants. Yes, I like (cool) cars and yes, I am a Top Gear fan. Along with half the planet! Anyways, this won't write itself, though I could wish!

FoTC were in New York recently filming their HBO pilot. While there they took the opportunity to play a couple of small gigs this week at Mo Pitkin's. Only a small venue and gigs had sold out, so I did not mention it on the site. I don't think Mo's would have coped had too many people turned up hoping for tickets on the door.

Read more about Mo Pitkins gigs over at The Apiary, here and here. Also, while I was there I went back in the Apiary archives and found this entry filed under Life Stories. I was much amused back then and still am now. What happens when you fill in at a gig after the Conchords can't make it.

Deirdre, a member of the WTF! forums here also went to the Mo Pitkins gig and wrote a cool review. Read it over on the Fan Reviews page. Thanks D :)

Righto, that's your lot! I'm off to relax and not do very much at all for a bit.

10.07.06 - HBO pilot snippets

The guys are shooting their HBO pilot show in New York at present. Rhys Darby, who played their manager Brian Nesbitt in the BBC radio series also has a part in this show. His character is called Murray Hewitt apparently. He's excited to be there!

28.06.06 - Jemaine speaks! Radio interview about what they are up to in the US

Jemaine was interviewed recently on New Zealand radio and talked about the Conchords HBO pilot show and other things. Go here to listen now or download it and save to listen later. Enjoy!

27.06.06 - BBC series airing on NZ radio - listen in (and other stories)

First up, the BBC radio 2 series, The Flight of The Conchords airs on New Zealand radio from July 2. The guys say -

Part one of our BBC radio 2 series starts on Sunday July 2 on National Radio New Zealand. You can listen for free at - click audio streaming and go to National Radio.

Next up, a little news about the Jemaine film project, What We Do In The Shadows. The film is screening at the upcoming Wellington Film Festival. Thursday July 27 and Monday July 31. The synopsis says -

Directors Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, assisted by fellow comedian Jonathan Brugh, explore the flatting lifestyle of three perennial bachelors, vampires Vulvis (aged 700, maybe 701), Viago (229) and Deacon (107). Listless, dandified masters of the artful sigh, they waver between trying to spook the anonymous filmmaker with their doomy tales, and making silken plays for pity. If you thought never dying might be cool, they’re here to tell you about the hollowness at the core of their eternal round of irritating household chores, domestic squabbles and Saturday nights being mistaken for homosexuals in the Courtenay Quarter. Few will be impressed by their haughty approach to younger vampires, though many may admire their openness in addressing such longstanding questions as: how can any man who never sees himself in a mirror care so obsessively about clothes, hair, and skin tone?

Read more about this and other projects Jemaine is involved with over at Jemaine - A Bit On The Side

15.06.06 - Jemaine vs The Mic and a little oops about some missed gig info

Jemaine vs The Mic! An epic battle between man and machine (of sorts) Who wins? Watch and see (hand held camera footage so a little shaky at times)

Download Jemaine v mic WMV file. Thanks to Johnny, The One Guy for sending the clip in.

Humble apologies to people in LA. I was busy with life and forgot to update about the UCB gig the Conchords did. Alas yes, the past tense there. It was last Tuesday. Anyways, the Conchords were part of a longish bill, performance wise. And who knows they may be there again sometime in the future.

And while I am busy updating things, five people did win a Conchords radio show CD a while back *points down the page*. Check out the winning entries Congrats to Fawad, Roy, Wes, Frances and Rick on winning.

01.06.06 - From under the rubble in my house.... Conchords gigs in LA

I've been stockpiling Conchords news the last week or so due to computer being buried under pile of 'stuff' that has taken up residence on my desk due to builders working in the house. Kitchen ceiling came down, floor upstairs came up, daylight can be seen through an outside wall that is (was) two feet thick.... you get the picture. Mayhem. But enough about the chaos that is my life.... I found the computer again! Joy!

Conchords news - First up, the guys are back over in LA for a little while working on a certain something (more on that later) and are going to be playing a couple of gigs at Largo while in town. Thanks Tom over at HBO. Monday night gigs, on June 12 and 19. Check out Largo gig info here Click on 'Schedule' to view.

And in 'Not quite Conchords news but news anyways' there is the following -

Bret recently parted ways with The Black Seeds and is now involved in the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra. He is also working on Video Kid stuff and is involved with a new band called The Lovers Band (apparently). Read more about Bret and his other projects in the Bret FAQ and Bret's Bit On The Side.

Not to be left out, the film Eagle Vs Shark, which Jemaine has a lead part in was just picked up by Miramax in the US. Cool news for the director, Taika Waititi and all the others involved in the film. Read more here in Jemaine's Bit On The Side. Also updated to include NZ film press release blurb on the film from last year. Better late than never.

13.05.06 - North and South magazine pics and scans

The Conchords were captured in their home enviroment recently. In depth article and interview with some great pictures. Thanks to Bret for sending me a copy :) Cheers Bret!

See/read the full size scans of this article here

08.05.06 - Sony Awards - Guys win Bronze in their catagory

The Conchords were awarded Bronze in the Comedy Award section of the Sony Radio Awards 2006. Meaning third place. Good on the guys for that and for the Sony nom itself. No small feat! Here is hoping next time round their true genius is recognised ;)

Flight of The Conchords were nominated for their Radio 2 show. In the Production Awards section, Comedy Award.

24.04.06 - Win a FoTC BBC Radio show CD and read my 'not a review' attempt

What The Folk! has 5, yes, five copies of the BBC radio show, Flight of The Conchords up for grabs. Due out on May 1 2006 this is your chance to win one. The BBC have very kindly donated the CD's to What The Folk! Thanks Lucy :)

Win one of these!

Competition deadline now closed. Winners have been notifed via email.

Congratulations to Fawad, Roy, Wes, Frances and Rick on winning! CD's are in the post to you. Winning entries are online here to view. By entering you give your permission for them to be used.

And what of my 'not a review' attempt. How about this?....

My honest opinon about the Conchords radio show CD. With a few liitle detours for good measure.

The BBC Radio Series - Released May 1 2006

Its somewhat awkward trying to write a review when you first heard the subject matter over six months previously and have heard it many times since. Joys of the internet and the 'Listen Again' feature. Its also slightly difficult trying to be objective about the subject matter and the people behind it, creating it, when you happen to be a rather ardent admirer of their work and run a website dedicated to them to boot. So reviewing their BBC radio show, when having laughed lots and, for the most part throughly enjoyed it, well, it was never going to be an easy task. READ THE REST HERE

16.04.06 - WTF! newsletter subscription. A handy thing to have!

Finally got to setting up a newsletter for What The Folk! Feel free to sign up for it now. Regular updates, and if gig info or tour dates come in, I'll be sure to update the newsletter mailing list pronto. Please don't forget to complete the registration via an email sent out to you. If not completed you won't receive any newsletters.

I have also added a 'Donate' option to the site. It was suggested by more than a few visitors, so the option is now here, should you wish to donate and help support What The Folk! Read more here A big thankyou to The Bloke for his help with all this.

12.04.06 - BBC audiobook - CD cover and BBC press release and a bit from me!

Flight of The Conchords BBC radio show

Yuss! You are looking at the CD cover for the soon to be released audiobook. The 6 part show that aired on BBC Radio 2 last autumn is finally here. Well, almost. May 1 2006 to be exact. With lots of songs from the Conchords, including some not heard outside of live shows before. Classics such as Bret You've Got It Going On, I'm Not Crying and If You're Into It. Other songs include Humans Are Dead, Think About It, Jenny, Bowie and more. Add a bit of an ongoing plot, the genius that is Rhys Darby as Brian their manager, a fair smattering of comedic talent and Neil Finn and you are all set for much merriment. All the songs they have performed live, but not on CD until now. *Note* Some tracks have voiceovers due to the nature of the radio show, but lots can be heard 'clean'.

Looking to purchase this CD? Go visit the WTF! Shop Til You Drop page for all info and links of where to buy this and other Conchords stuff.

Show breakdown part by part on the WTF! forums for anyone curious to know more.

BBC press release reads

‘No act has made me laugh as long or as hard as Flight of the Conchords. Their demolition of every pop-music and stand-up convention is so dry, merciless and charming that this year there has really been no-one to touch them’ – The Daily Telegraph

Released for the first time, the complete BBC Radio 2 series from Perrier award nominated duo Jemaine Clement and Bret Mckenzie, Flight of the Conchords.

Read more of the press release here Thanks to Lucy over at the Beeb (and the Beeb) for thinking of us here at WTF! :)

Interesting things to note in said press release - 'Flight of the Conchords are currently being developed for television by Channel 4.' This could be referring to the development deal from a couple of years back, meaning its still in the works. Also, note on the CD cover it says 'The complete first radio 2 series' Could there be a second.

11.04.06 - Tiny fawns (aka the Conchords) in Time magazine

Remember I mentioned a while back, when the guys were in Austin, about them having their picture taken for Time magazine. Well they are in the current issue. Small article, reads as follows -


In the comedy jungle, where Robin Williams is a big silverback ape and Jon Stewart a sneaky hyena, Flight of the Conchords are tiny fawns. Their whimsical acoustic-guitar songs and gentle banter totter out on spindly legs to nibble at funny bones. The duo, who claim to be the "fourth most popular folk parodists in New Zealand," sing about the usual stuff--mistaken identity, killer robots, racist dragons--but with an earnest, blinking naiveté. It's a hemisphere away from the witty social commentary that reigns on America's comedy circuit. "I guess we're kind of nerdy hipsters," says Bret McKenzie (except he pronounces it "nurdy hupstas"). Jemaine Clement, on the other hand, prefers to describe their comedy as "awkward." The Conchords are about to take flight. An album is due this year, and the two are developing a sitcom for HBO. Meanwhile, you can catch Clement's seminal work on commercials for restaurant chain Outback Steakhouse. "Jemaine is more the blokey guy," says McKenzie. "I'd probably advertise fruit and vegetables."

From the Apr. 17, 2006 issue of TIME magazine Thanks Kate for the heads up. Glad one of us reads cerebral reading matter!

View larger image

Thanks to Andria for scanning the article and sending it in

29.03.06 - More gong noms for the Conchords. Sony shortlisted!

Those quirky lil UK Sony awards. They only went and nominated Flight of The Conchords for their Radio 2 show (CD due out May 1, more info). In the Production Awards section, filed under Comedy Award. Check the shortlist here Read the Chortle article here.

Now, not to blag too much, but the Sony awards are a pretty big deal here in the UK. Its quite cool to get a nomination. This year the shortlist has been selected from over 1,400 entries and was judged by over 100 industry professionals (who exactly I do not know but this list can tell you). That the guys made it as far as they have shows they have attracted the attention not only of the public, but their peers and broadcasters. So good on the guys for making the shortlist. And good on the BBC also, as several of the categories feature an all BBC line-up, including drama, comedy and music broadcaster. Auntie Beeb does it again.

Bret once again suffers 'microphone nose' or as I like to call it, 'Microphone, there's a Bret stuck on you'

28.03.06 - Who had their photo taken by Time?

During SWSX in Austin recently, it seems the guys 'were last seen heading down to South Congress to get their photo taken for Time Magazine.' Article here

The guys also performed at the annual New Zealand Party SXSW. And *stunned shock* Bret sat on the left (his right) during the performance. First time I have ever seen that happen. Have a few pictures from that performance, if you feel like taking a peek

26.03.06 - Sub Pop - needs more folk parody?

*Update* 27.03.06 Signed with Sub Pop but I am told there won't be anything out till next year.

Flight of The Conchords have signed to SubPop Some reading matter for you to draw your own conclusions on the subject -

'The promise of musical discoveries and the heady environment of downtown Austin have led industry professionals to keep returning to SXSW. Sub Pop co-founder Jonathan Poneman's first visit to SXSW was in 1992, and the indie-label veteran has been back seven or eight times through the years.

"I love Austin, and I like the feeling of the event," he says. "There's more merriment and chance for good-old fashion hijinx and something spontaneous to happen, instead of more calculated industry-driven events you'd find in other places."

"There's been so many that it's hard to remember them all," he says. "But it's done us right." This year, the Brunettes, Flight of the Conchords, Kelley Stolz, Band of Horses, the Elected and Rogue Wave will perform March 17 at Sub Pop's showcase at Red Eyed Fly.

Poneman admits to grousing about the expense of putting on the seemingly required showcase. "But at the end of the day, I guess we don't really have to be there," he reasons. "We really come back of our own volition and love for the event." ' Taken from here

Coupled with the fact the guys played a SubPop showcase in Austin recently and they (FoTC) also mention it themselves online .... I'm pulling up my deckchair and waiting to see what happens next.

21.03.06 - --->I'm with the band <--- And more Austin reports and pics!

First up, a new page, found in the Folk You section, called I'm With The Band! The idea is simple. If you have had a pic taken with Flight of The Conchords or with Jemaine or Bret, and would like to share, send it along. Be sure to mention your name so I can include it with the pic. EMAIL ME

I've updated the Austin report page and also added a new gallery, called Red Eyed Fly and some other images to the Austin gallery.

19.03.06 - The One Guy and his story - Plus Austin gallery now online

This was too good to not give its own page to! So, many many thanks to JP, for taking the time, all three hours and seven minutes of it, to drive to Austin to meet Flight of The Conchords. And the four hours to type this all up today.

This is his story. And pics. Enjoy!

Well lets just say Thursday March 16th 2006 will from this point forward simply be known as The day I took off of work woke up earlier than usual in order to make "THE ONE GUY" shirt because I forgot to make it earlier in the week luckily for me I happened to have a nekkid T to make one with so simple design hit print twice iron one on the back put one on the front load up the cameras get in the van stop for gas thats suspiciously gone up about $.20 in one day so it cost me $50.00 to fill 'er up in order to make the three hour drive to meet Flight of the Conchords It just rolls of the tongue don't it??

OK here is the actual ensemble that was worn for "the" meeting

The One Guy Outfit


18.03.06 - America has the hots for FoTC

So..... much..... to..... report...... Where do I start? Brain fried!

Firstly, the BBC radio show that aired last year on BBC Radio 2, Flight of The Conchords is finally out on CD May 1 2006. You can order it online via links on this page

Next up, some lil event down in Texas has been generating interest. I've had lots of emails, reports and pics sent my way this past week and have compiled a gallery of the images for you to peruse. Also, ongoing thread on the WTF! forums has lots of discussion about events down in Austin.

SXSW, Austin Texas 2006

Austin reports and images - Many thanks to Johnny, David C, Ben and Vanessa for reports and pictures.

A good time to mention for anyone wondering what *that* song the guys performed was called. Its called Mother*uckers. And yes, the * is intentional. The guys never pronounce the actual letter. Its sort of an 'uckgh' sound. And its an older song from 2002/2003. I remember it being one of my favourites live from that set. Glad to see the guys have brought it back for a few airings. Its a shame its not on the Folk The World CD, but I'd imagine its kind of hard to appreciate the effect of it unless you see it performed live.

16.03.06 - They say the nicest things down in Tampa. And on the radio in New Zealand.

Michael Sasso of the Tampa Tribune has written an article on the Outback Steakhouse and mentions Jemaine a bit! It appears Jemaine is sticking around a bit for Outback. The article is below -

Outback Counts On Humorist In New Ads

TAMPA - If anything can be said about Outback Steakhouse's new TV pitchman, it's this: Crocodile Dundee he isn't.

Unlike other Australian icons, the scatterbrained character in Outback's new commercials doesn't "go walkabout" through the bush. Neither does he pick up deadly snakes barehanded, À la Steve Irwin of television's "The Crocodile Hunter."

Instead, actor Jermaine Clement portrays more of a city-dwelling slacker with a penchant for saying and doing weird things. For example, in one new ad he asks a waitress for birthday candles on his steak. Outback Steakhouse is betting that Clement's goofy charm can help turn around sagging sales at its flagship Outback Steakhouse-branded restaurants. It has created at least five commercials featuring him.

Read the rest of the article here

Read/comment on the forums Outback thread

Thanks to 'Holden' for sending it in. If the guys are wondering where this was taken, its from the green room backstage at the Indigo bar in Wellington. Pretty much the birthplace of the Conchords.

Holden also writes

"Couple of things I wanted to share with you. First, NZ radio station "ZM" had an interview this morning (16 Mar 06 NZ time) with Chantel Claret - the frontwoman for NY band Morningwood (song "Nth Degree" doing things on the charts at the moment - Morningwood Rocks).  She ended up spending 1/2 the interview talking about how much she loved FoTC and has been obsessed with them ever since catching a glimpse of them on Conan O'Brien. Chantel went onto say that she'd ordered the CD 'off the internet' and it arrived a month later and she's made everyone she knows listen to it. Hmm, what would a FoTC/Morningwood collaboration sound like?

09.03.06 - US gig news and some other stuff

Yeah, so I was busy for a few days and the guys played the odd gig in LA. And some people went along. And liked what they saw/heard. Cool beans. Thanks to those of you who emailed in with info and feedback on the gigs and am glad you got Conchorded and found this site!

O one last thing. Please don't be mad you missed hearing about the Largo gig after it had happened. Even if I had posted about it before hand, you would not have gotten a ticket. It was sold out before the guys themselves were even booked to open. That Jon Brion must be popular. That and it was a 'surprise' gig :p

The BT Tower fails to impress. Instead a giant something has Bret and his pet beard trying to hide under his jacket. Jemaine just keeps cool and poses on.

Really, one last thing... Laugh Factory gig - A kind person who goes by the name of MMari stopped by the WTF! forums and posted a lil bit o blurb about the gig at the Laugh Factory the other night. Sounds like the guys were having fun.

"I was at the Laugh Factory show this week and it WAS awesome. Since they couldn't plug in their guitars, they had to play them vertically in order for the sound to get picked up...and Jemaine said something like, "If we had known this would happen, we would've cut a hole in the back of our guitars so we could sing through them." He also mentioned that due to the vertical guitar situation, people on the right side of the venue wouldn't be able to see him that well. At one point, Bret tried resting his chin on the hip of the guitar so that he could play and sing and have both get picked up by the sound system.

After all that, Bret's mic suddenly didn't work and the guys thought for a second that they'd have to share one mic for their two voices and two guitars. Then Bret realized that he'd accidentally switched it off and said, "'s fixed now. Very technical band stuff. You wouldn't understand."

Obviously, you have to take my very poor description and multiply the humor quotient by 100 to give appropriate credit to the guys."

04.03.06 - The guys folked LA! (apparently and allegedly)

A little heads up for the US Conchord fanbase. It appears the guys are over there right now. In time to make it to SxSW in Austin Texas in a couple of weeks if they start walking now. They played a surprise opening act slot at the famous Largo club in LA last night (3 March) opening for one Mr Jon Brion (apparently a bit well known over there). I am told that many at the gig had never heard of the Conchords before, but much hilarity ensued with the guys playing four numbers that may or may not have included Think About It, Think Think About It, Robots (aka Humans Are Dead) and that one about the good looking woman at the party! Jon Brion then took his turn on stage and suggested that the evening end without him performing at all since not one of his lyrics was as good as 'You would probably be one of the top three best looking women on the street .......... depending on the street'

Many thanks to Sarah for the info. Glad she found Conchordiness and was well and truly folked last night.

21.02.06 - I invented a new game. Out of boredom came..... not a lot really

New game for you, I'm calling it 'Hunt the updates'!. Just to give me and you something to do, I've updated various sections on the site. Jemaine's bit, Bret's bit, Sound and Vision, and a few other odds and sods. Mostly new but old mp3s and stuff, some of it taken from radio interviews and the like.

Also, one of our WTF! forum regulars, /me (aka ProBono) started up a Frappr map for Conchords fans recently. Nip along there and sign up so we can see where you are and throw darts at you. Virtual ones of course.

And here and there, I have thrown in a few new pictures. Like this one....

The dressing up fetish got out of hand somewhat

06.02.06 - US TV turns Jemaine into an Aussie! Strewth!

So its not technically Conchords related, but it was too good to not post. I awoke this morning to a fair number of emails about a sighting or two of Jemaine in a TV ad that aired during the Superbowl (American Football - Its a sport in the US apparently) For Outback Steakhouse. And lo, this turned out to be true. Not only has Jemaine turned into an Aussie, he turned into a mini mullet wearing one! The horror.

The TV viewing United States will think thats how Australians talk! Much amused. (Anyone wanting to brush up on their Aussie speak can go here). However, I have been reliably informed the Aussies are not fooled one bit and reckon he sounds like a Kiwi. Funny that. (In the interest of science I carried out an indepth survey to prove this. I asked my partner, who happens to be an Aussie to watch the ad and tell me what he thought. His words 'He sounds like a Kiwi still') Ooops.

Anyways, its being discussed on the WTF forums HERE And you can also watch some of the ads via What The Folk! Download the Outback adverts - Outback Boomerang, Outback Semiveg and Outback Shrimp.

<Insert mirthful taglines here >


01.02.06 - *Its business time....* That doesn't sound right... *Because I'm so intense*... Nope

Right click - Download - Save!

Thats the one! Works much better. Save this to be exact. In handy desktop background sizes to boot!

Thanks to a certain Adam Ford for getting creative and sending it in. And then for going one better when confronted with an email from moi truly and making it into a desktop background for download. Follow the links and right click and save if you are a Windows user. Or whatever else you do on your compy! Cheers once again Adam.

Flight of The Conchords Intense 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600 or even 1600 x 1200

13.01.06 - Sods law - News!

I post news about there being no news a couple of days ago and what happens? News!

First up the guys have confirmed they are appearing at SXSW in Austin, Texas in March. As yet the official SXSW site does not have the full listings, but it says that will happen in mid February.

Next up the Conchords are supporting Bic Runga on her New Zealand tour in March and April. So say the guys on their site. As yet, there are no details on Bic's site about these dates. Its a Flash site (Flash 8 player) No alternative for non Flashy people.

11.01.06 - The things you do

Things are a little quiet on the news front Conchords wise. Seemed like a good time to update the fan submissions section, Fantastic Someone sent in an anime style pic they made and from the WTF! forums a few of the ladies made some doll lookalikes online. Bret and Jemaine get makeovers. Cheers for sending stuff in :)

Tour and gig wise, I am still none the wiser of any plans the Conchords may have as yet. They are back home in New Zealand at present having a break working on non Conchords projects. Any gig news that comes in I'll be sure to post on the Gig page, in the Folk On section.

Also, Jemaine had a birthday recently. One of many he has had so far. It makes him another year older.

Cheers Jemaine.

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